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How to Permanently Eliminate Your Busy Work

Simply erasing to-dos from your list only creates space for new ones. To shorten your list for good requires a proactive approach to task management. In this article, we outline three ways to permanently eliminate your busy work. Four Key Strategies for Getting Back Your Time Strategic thinking requires time…

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3 Simple Reasons Why Delegation is So Powerful

The 3 Simple Reasons Why Delegation Is So Powerful

We tend to want to do things ourselves. It’s easier. It’s faster. We know how it’s going to get done. But in trying to do it all, we limit ourselves and our team. Delegation is more than a time-saving tool for individuals, it’s a tool for organization-wide growth. That’s why…

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Get Back Your Time with HR Automation

How to Get Back Your Time With HR Automation

We often discuss the importance of strategic HR. But it can be hard to carve out the time and space needed for high-level thinking when your to-do list keeps growing. This blog post is Part 1 of a four-part series on how to get back your time. In this article,…

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How to manage digital transformation change

How to Manage Change During Digital Transformation

In this post, we’re wrapping up our discussion of HR’s role in Digital Transformation by discussing how to manage change as new technology disrupts the way we work. Watch Our Interview with Nina Le about Change Management For this topic, we sat down with Nina Le, one of our HR…

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Benefits of One-Way Video Interviewing

Integrating Asynchronous Video Interviews Into Your Recruitment Tech Stack

In previous posts, we’ve looked at Digital Transformation and why HR should lead it. In this post, we’re looking at a recent addition we’ve made to our recruiting tech stack — asynchronous (or one-way) video interviews. Watch This Post’s Topic Why We’ve Added Asynchronous Video Interviews To Our Toolkit At…

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Ethical Digital Transformation

How to Lead an Ethical Digital Transformation

Recently, we discussed how Digital Transformation presents HR an opportunity to be a strategic differentiator. But with this opportunity also comes a responsibility to ensure the change leads to a healthy and positive workplace. In this post, future-of-work consultant Chris Schmelzer discusses how HR can lead an ethical, people-first, approach…

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HR's Role Digital Transformation

What is HR’s Role in Digital Transformation?

In our previous post, we looked at where HR currently invests its resources and the importance of reallocating its time and money toward activities that create competitive advantages. In this post, we’re diving into one of the key strategies for transitioning from administrative and compliance tasks to work that generates business…

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Where Does HR Invest Its Time and Resources

Rethinking How HR Invests Its Resources

HR practitioners want to make a difference in their organization. They want to help attract new talent, develop current employees, and strategically manage the impact of their company’s people. But are HR business units best investing their resources to achieve those results? Watch This Week’s Topic If you can’t see…

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Quickly Align Your Team Priorities

Teams aligned on the same priorities accomplish much more than those that aren’t. The idea is simple. Imagine how much further a team pulling a cart from one direction will get than a team pulling the same cart from different angles. But in practice, alignment can be difficult. As the…

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Agile HR in Real Life Sprint Case Study

Real Life Agile HR: A Sprint Case Study

In our last post, we provided an introduction to the Agile Methodology for HR professionals. This time, we’re taking a look at Agile HR in real life with a short case study on how to use a Sprint to solve a challenge. Watch Today’s Topic If you’re having trouble viewing…

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