Engagement Surveys & Plans

When it comes to retention, prevention is worth the investment. Spot disengagement before it impacts your bottom line with our expert-designed and administered employee engagement surveys and interviews.

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Meaningful Data Drives Meaningful Results

Pulse Surveys

Have an upcoming big decision? Already in the midst of change? Keep a pulse on what your workforce is thinking.

A pulse survey is a short set of questions that focus on a single workplace topic. They're designed to get real-time feedback on the needs, preferences, or reactions of a team or your whole organization.

  • Maintaining engagement during ongoing change or crisis
  • Making employees feel heard and valued in decision-making
  • Measuring sentiment trends as you implement your people strategy

After understanding your feedback objectives, we'll create and administer the survey to as many employees as you chose.

Within a week from survey close, you'll have insights and trends in hand.

With our Pulse 365 package, we'll conduct the survey three times over the course over one year, so you can measure the impact of your engagement initiatives.

Engagement Plan

The employee experience is multi-dimensional.
Get a 30,000 ft view to map your long-term plan of action.

With data from a comprehensive survey of employee sentiment across multiple dimensions, we devise a strategy to boost your organiztion'ss engagement long-term.

  • Benchmarking employee satisfaction across the employee lifecycle
  • Identifying high-impact areas of improvement
  • Devising a multi-prong approach to improving performance and increasing retention

We'll work with leadership to understand your current landscape, previous engagement efforts, and anticipated outcomes. We'll then design, administer, and analyze the results of the engagement survey.

Upon conclusion of our analysis, our team will meet with your leadership to review the results of our findings. You'll receive a comprehensive report including key insights, graphs, and charts that analyze engagement and employee satisfaction at your workplace, as well as a consolidated report that can be shared with staff.

Finally, we'll collaborate with you to customize a strategy with specific initiatives for improving engagement across the organization.

What Sets Our Engagement Services Apart?


Be confident in your feedback. Working with us ensures results that are candid and free of office politics. 


Whether through the cloud or boots-on-the-ground, we'll work together to best reach your team.


Data without action is just decoration. As a full-service HR firm, we can help you turn insights into impact.

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