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How to Become an Employer of Choice

Become an employer of choice who stands out in the competitive job market by being a talent magnet for the best and brightest employees.

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Save on Salary Surveys with Our Comp Benchmark BOGO

The Role of HR in Compensation Planning

Adding HR professionals to the compensation planning process will help it go more smoothly and get you a better final result—which will have major benefits for the company. According to a Gallup survey, pay is the most important factor a candidate considers when deciding to accept a new position. It…

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How the Fractional Staffing Model Helps Businesses

For growing businesses finding the right balance for staffing can be a constant challenge, especially for non-customer-facing roles. You know that strong back-of-the-house operations like IT, Marketing, Finance, and HR can accelerate the trajectory of your organization. But hiring experienced professionals in those roles can stretch your budget, and rarely…

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Benefits of HR Consulting Services for Small Businesses

Working with HR consulting services for small businesses can help you save time and money while also improving retention and productivity.

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Talent Acquisition

5 Steps to Hiring Your Next Fractional HR Leader

Working with a fractional HR leader allows your company to accelerate its growth. Here are specific steps you need to take to find the right one.

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HR Initiatives

HR Compliance Checklist

We’ve created a helpful HR Compliance Checklist to serve as a general guide for your business to ensure your policies and processes are compliant (and effective).

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The Real Cost of DIY HR (and Why Hire an Expert)

DIY HR may seem like an ideal way for small companies to save, but not hiring the right HR expert costs money, time, and opportunity.

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How to Hire HR Professionals

We’ll walk you through how to hire the first HR professionals for your organization and make sure they have a foundation for success.

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What is Strategic Human Resource Management?

Discover what strategic human resource management is and how it can help your company and HR department achieve stable, sustainable growth.

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What Does an HR Consultant Do?

Ever wondered what an HR consultant does and how they can help your business? We’ve created a guide to HR consultants and how to work with them.

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