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What Is Fractional HR?

Fractional HR can be a significant benefit to small and medium-sized businesses that need HR experience on-demand and within budget.

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Top 3 HR Trends in 2024

Top 3 HR Trends of 2024

These 3 pivotal trends—recruitment, compliance, and empowered employees—will be on the mind of every HR professional this year.

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Fractional CHRO

Leveraging a Fractional CHRO in an Organization Running on EOS™ 

Marrying the EOS Model® with the expertise of a fractional CHRO offers growing organizations a one-two punch in supercharging their growth.

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Building Pay Equity Into Your Culture

A key benefit of pay transparency is that it forces organizations to develop a thought-out and data-driven approach to fair and equitable compensation based on objective work-related criteria, not discriminatory and bias-generated factors.

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HR Talent Where and When You Need It

HR Talent When & Where You Need It

Fractional HR offers small and mid-size organizations the capacity of an enterprise HR division for less than the cost of one HR employee.

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Recognizing Burnout and Addressing the Root Cause

If leaders are burned out, their stress can have a cascading effect throughout an organization.

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3 Ways to Use AI Recruiting Effectively in Mitigating Bias

As recruiters seek to mitigate bias in hiring practices, here are three strategies for determining if AI is the right solution, and AI best practices.

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Maintaining Culture through Purpose and Connection

An employee’s value of efficiency, productivity, and connection drives flexibility in how we approach our work.

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HR Collaborative at 2022 Pillar Awards

We’re Honored to Be Recognized for Our Women Leadership

We’re honored by two recent awards recognizing our efforts to empower women: the Pillar Awards and 50 Most Influential Women in West MI.

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Why HR is important

Why is Human Resources Important?

The role that HR plays in every organization may look slightly different, but human resources is essential to sustainable, long-term growth.

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