Collaborating in the new world of work

Working together is more important than ever. But how we work together has changed dramatically over the past year.

So what will collaboration look like in 2021 and beyond? On Friday, December 11, we got together to start the conversation.

Check back soon for ideas and discussions that were generated during the event.

This isn't just another webinar

Based on the World Café method, it's designed to engage every participant in meaningful conversation.

After a welcome and introduction, we'll break out into small-group discussions.  You'll get a chance to learn from and share with a diverse group of individuals in several 20-minute-long conversations focused on key questions.

We'll have three rounds of discussion focusing on three key questions. Where your group takes the conversation is up to you! After each round, we'll share insights with everyone, so we can all learn from each other.

So block off your calendar, set aside your work, and bring your expertise and curiosity. You'll miss out if you just wait for the recording.