The Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance | Holland, MI

Founded in 2006, The Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance (LNA) is a thriving membership organization that serves over 190 nonprofit members in the Greater Ottawa County area. They operate in service of their members to provide them access to education opportunities, training, networking events, technical assistance, and a diverse range of consulting services. Their mission is to strengthen the ability of nonprofit organizations to successfully accomplish their missions by working together. By merging with their partner organization, Community SPOKE, they are able to create an opportunity for LNA to work closer with the County of Ottawa while maintaining the organization’s values of collaboration, excellence, trust, inclusion and being member-driven.

LNA is seeking a motivated Executive Director who will be responsible for establishing, guiding and implementing strategies that align with the mission and vision of the organization. This role entails initiating and fostering opportunities for collaboration, driving positive change, and ensuring effective systems for health and humans services, as well as a valued and sustainable nonprofit sector. The Executive Director will lead the team, collaborate closely with the board, member Executive Directors and staff, and manage the organization’s operations, finances, and relationships.