Kent School Services Network | Grand Rapids, MI

Kent School Services Network (KSSN) began in 2006 as a three-year pilot initiative in eight schools. KSSN’s mission is to provide responsive and effective (seamless, integrated) delivery of services to families and students throughout Kent County public schools by all service providers (nonprofit, state, county) to ensure that all kids are healthy and learning. KSSN’s vision is equitable education that provides exceptional resources and opportunities anchored in hope, encouraging excellence while striving for the highest achievement for all.

KSSN seeks an outstanding Executive Director to oversee the strategic growth and management of resources for the organization to realize its vision, mission, values, and goals. Along with the board of directors, you will be responsible for setting and implementing the strategy, cultivating an inclusive culture, motivating staff, and building and maintaining strong relationships with networks and partners.

Under the direction and guidance of the Board of Directors, you will lead the consistent achievement of KSSN’s operational goals, financial objectives, and fund development. You will provide leadership and serve as a coach and mentor to their dedicated and passionate staff members. You will nurture partnerships that will promote awareness and inspire interest, secure commitment from funding sources, and ensure long-lasting support from the community.