What is Strategic Human Resource Management?


Human Resources sometimes gets a bad rap for being the people who say “no.” True, part of HR’s responsibility in a company is to make sure that employees and management are complying with regulations and policies, but long-term trends have shown that HR professionals are becoming more and more strategic. But what does strategic human resource management look like?

In this blog, we’ll explore a few ways in which strategic human resource professionals work as integral members of growing, successful businesses.

Strategic HR Professionals are Problem Solvers

New regulations, reporting practices, and other organizational behaviors are required practically every day, and it’s the job of human resource management to know them inside and out. A strategic HR professional or team will take that knowledge and use it to the company’s advantage. Rather than saying “no,” or prohibiting progress in the name of complying to regulation, strategic human resource management comes up with solutions. They ask, “How can we proceed in the best way for the company?” They want their company to succeed, and they know the steps to take to get there.

Strategic HR Professionals Know their Company

More than just knowing the business of HR, strategic human resource management knows the business of their business. From sales, to R&D, to finance, they understand how the company runs, what works and what doesn’t. After all, people are the foundation, backbone, and lifeblood of any company, and HR exists for those people. By understanding every aspect of their companies, strategic HR professionals know what is working well and what is still needed to grow. They use this knowledge to make suggestions, and to drive the business forward into greater success.

Strategic HR Professionals are Businesspeople

Understanding the business is one thing, but being a businessperson is another. Strategic HR management knows that to be effective, they need to wear several different hats. Keeping up with regulations, establishing pay and benefits, and other traditional day-to-day HR responsibilities require them to speak with the language of human resources, but strategic HR professionals also speak the language of business. They know products and services, where the company’s money is coming from, and think in a profit-oriented way. They can work with everyone from executives to interns, making sure the business is working smart.

Strategic HR Professionals Get the Job Done

Strategic HR is more than a department, or a piece of a company. When your HR professionals are strategic, they get the entire business onboard with making the experience of working there better. Everyone benefits from having knowledgeable coworkers that fit well into the company’s culture, so strategic HR practices such as involving entire teams in the recruitment process and collaborating on training and development help the company work its best. Not only can their experience be leveraged to demystify tasks traditionally associated with human resources, but they also work throughout the company to make everything a little easier.

As HR is becomes a bigger and more important part of business, it’s necessary to have Human Resource people that do more. Having strategic human resource management in your company is like having your cake and eating it, too: the benefits that a team of strategic HR professionals bring to the table could be the key to achieving greater success.

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