Why Your Entire Team Should Be Involved in the Hiring Process

For many years, the human resources team and the hiring manager managed the entire process of hiring new employees. It makes sense because they have to hire, train, and monitor the productivity of the person in the new role. So, they should be the only ones to have the final say and determine who gets the position, right?

Not exactly.

More and more organizations today are recognizing that a collaborative hiring process with HR, the hiring manager, and the impacted departments works more effectively. Companies like Apple and Google put this model front-and-center for all to see, proving that employee satisfaction and increased profitability is possible, and collaborative hiring can be a powerful tool in that process.

Here are a few reasons why your organization should take this leap into collaborative hiring in human resources management:

Diversified Input

Using a collaborative model for hiring provides more diverse and ranging perspectives on what the role or position should provide to the organization. Insight from the department or coworkers can showcase potential opportunities or even issues within the role that the hiring manager doesn’t experience on a day-to-day basis. Having this insight can help decrease the number of bad hires and provide assurance that the new employee will fit in well with the culture of the team. Adding others’ insight also helps instill value for the existing team, showcasing that you value their opinion and their work environment.

Candidates Prefer Collaboration

When a candidate comes into an organization and sees the leadership values the insight of other employees about hiring new people, they see that as a benefit of the business. A team that’s involved in interviews and hiring serves as a strong selling point for the candidate.

Smoother Onboarding Processes

When a team takes part in the hiring of another employee, they also gain a sense of ownership of the success of that individual. Typically, employees will provide more training, support, and assistance to those they have a personal interest in. Additionally, this extra support helps give more confidence to the new hire because they know the majority of the team approved of their placement.

Enhances the Company Culture

When collaborative hires happen, it’s a win for your culture. The process reinforces a sense of unity, transparency, and value. Current employees feel empowered and a part of the overall vision of the organization. Focusing on culture and work environment helps to attract and retain the best employees.

As you can see, more voices within hiring processes can make a significant difference in many aspects of the organization. When companies commit to hiring collaboratively, they will reap the many benefits of a more engaged and confident workforce.

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